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Thalia Maternity | Mesa Gilbert AZ Maternity and Newborn Photographer

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Thalia and I had a blast with her maternity portraits- and if you've ever been 9 months pregnant then you know that doing anything at that point is typically not enjoyable! The location we used is called The Riparian Preserve, in Gilbert AZ.  Pretty outdoor locations are far and few between in the East Valley, but this one is a winner.  I love that it's not overly manicured, and that it's not all green- especially for this session since Thalia has that dramatic beauty that stands out, and her outfit that we coordinated was just perfect wasn't it?!

Liesl Maternity & How to Portait Guide | Mesa Gilbert AZ Maternity and Newborn Photographer

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Liesl is an amazing/inspiring/just all around awesome person!  As I share photos from her gorgeous maternity session, I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about how we can help ourselves enjoy our own portraits more! Women are truly beautiful, aren't they!  As a woman, I really don't enjoy getting in front of the camera -BUT- it's a must!  Especially now that I am a mother of three, and one of them being a little girl.  And I really want my daughter to be stronger than all the stereotypes and cruel judgements that we all face every day.  Unfortunately, helping her, and myself, build our confidence is not an easy task.  So, I would like to take a minute to share some ideas that I use to battle this each day.  The very top of…

Andrea Maternity Session | Arizona Newborn Photographer

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If we all looked this good while pregnant, I think there would be a lot more pregnant mommas out there!  I was so excited to photograph Andrea for her maternity session, not all women want to be photographed during this special time in their life.  If only you knew how beautiful you are!  I have to confess, I too hid from the camera during my pregnancies, and I wish I hadn't.  There is just something about a woman carrying a child that is beautiful beyond measure.