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Reagan 8 days old | Arizona Newborn Photographer | Newborn Safety

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There usually aren't too many surprises with being a newborn photographer.  Granted, the babies usually give a newborn "surprise" on either myself or the blanket they're on ( i.e. baby poop), but as far as knowing what to expect, it's fairly consistent.  This time however, Reagan not only surprised me (both ways as mentioned previously!) she completely amazed me!  This teensy little gem somehow was able to lift her own head and even roll over at 8 days old, and even before this.  [brief pause for a moment of silence while you decide whether or not to believe me...] Ok so, her parents gave me fair warning, and I believed them but you just don't understand this girl's strength until you see it firsthand!  I'm not simply taking about having a strong neck and…

Conrad 11 days | Arizona Newborn Photographer

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Little Conrad is the third addition to this family.  As you can see, mom and dad make seriously handsome little men!  Conrad was a pleasure to photograph, this was a mini session and he rocked it!  For mini sessions, I use one blanket set up and typically a family/parent or sibling set up.  Start to finish, in most cases, takes about 1 hour, and clients get to pick 10 images with their print purchase.  I prefer to do all newborn sessions from 5 to 10 days old, 11 days is definitely still doable but if you are an expecting mommy, please remember to schedule before your due date so that I can preserve enough time for your session.

Stevie Newborn Mini Session | Arizona Newborn and Child Photographer

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One thing about newborn photography that I don't like, is that the window I have to work in is very small, TINY.  Some families  who truly value the importance of capturing these moments just do not have the resources to make it happen.  I feel for those clients, through my own experiences I know how heartbreaking it can be to watch those precious moments float away and feel helpless.  So, as an alternative to not being able to make the investment for a full newborn session, I am now offering "mini" newborn sessions.  All session vary according to the circumstances, but generally there are 4 different set ups given in a full session, and a wide range of fully enhanced digitals.  In a mini session, there are 2 set ups, and a varying amount…

Cassie & Ryan Temple Session | Arizona Newborn Photographer

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This is my second family sealing session at the Arizona Mesa Temple, and if you know me at all, you know that I am NOT a wedding photographer.  I will quickly recommend other great photographers that I know and love.  It just isn't my thing even though I love, LOVE weddings.  But, an LDS family sealing ... it just has a special place in my heart. Cassie and her sweet family (take a look at their gorgeous daughter AHH!) were a pleasure to work with.  Beautiful, happy, sweet- what more could you ask for?  I hope you and your family enjoy these portraits Cassie!  Enjoy :)