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Charlotte NB | Victorian Styled Session

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I am absolutely THRILLED to share this session with you!  Charlotte is an absolute doll, and her sweet family are such wonderful clients! Charlotte has an older brother, whom I also had the pleasure of photographing as a newborn, so mom and I were eager to get all girly this time around.  Lace, delicate flowers, bows, soft vintage inspired colors- we had a lot of fun! And what better way to end such a beautiful session, than by finishing up with a good book?!

Sayler NB | Mesa Gilbert AZ Newborn Photographer

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Don't my little clients have the cutest names?!  And isn't Sayler gorgeous with all the hair, pouty lips and squishy cheeks?!!!  She is 5 days old here and was SUPER alert.  Not fussy at all, just very interested in the world around her.  I get the feeling that this little gem will make big waves when she is old enough.  Welcome to your new home darling girl, you are so loved!!!

Rylee | Mesa Gilbert Chandler Arizona Newborn Photographer

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I can't even handle the gorgeousness of this family!  Seriously, how beautiful are they?!  And Rylee is the icing on the cake.  She was such a sleepy little angel that I had a hard time giving her back :(.  I LOVE my job, but sometimes I wish I had a little more time to just snuggle these babies.  They are so itsy bitsy and it only lasts for such a short time.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

Nolan | NB | Mesa Gilbert Chandler Arizona Newborn Photographer

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How could the time have disappeared so quickly?  My poor little babe had such a rough first few months.  Getting any newborn portraits of out of him was a miracle, but thankfully I did.  I cried for weeks about it (really truly I did), and wished I had hired a fellow photographer.  Everyone I knew was already booked up and their next available time would be too late.  So, I tried my best to do it on my own.  I managed to get one image one day, one another day, etc.  Hence the tears.  If you've been to my home you know how small of a space I have to work in, and that I have to move furniture in order to use that space.  It's a lot of work to get ready for…