Meet Lindsey

Thank you for your interest in Lullaby Baby Photos!

Newborn photography is my yoga.  It strengthens my love for life.  It calms and soothes me, and it just makes me want to do a happy dance!

I have a clean cut and eclectic style.  My home has little bits of modern, vintage, hand crafted, and I.  Love.  It.

I am certified in CPR and first aid.

And most of all, I truly love what I do.  It’s a huge blessing in my life and I am SO grateful for it!

My ultimate goal is to create a life for my family that they will truly cherish, and then to document it along the way.  We lose too many precious moments by not slowing down to enjoy them.  Photography gives us the amazing opportunity to not only look back at the times that have passed, but also to live IN the moments and treasure them.

Cherish your family, capture the moments, and live life with joy.